Let's hear it for our pets...

Here’s the video of daisy x https://youtu.be/PkJ-ohuyGCA

Ahh bless her.So sweet.xx

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That is so funny :laughing: she must look on the teddy as being her baby :heart_eyes: She’s a gorgeous pussycat x

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I think she does , she’s been doing it for years :joy:x

So sweet Steph. She’s a big girlie :heart_eyes:

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She is, we call her crazy daisy :joy::joy: she is a funny one x

She’s lovely Steph. I love the little miaow. She does look like she’s carrying a kitten. She must be such a comfort. Makes me want another cat.xx

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Aww thanks jobar, she is a comfort, she makes us laugh, perhaps you should think about another cat,
they can help, something to focus on xx

Oh yes Jobar get a cat.I did and his such a comfort to me and company.:+1::cat2::paw_prints: His name is Manuel and Steph & I are always talking about our puss cats.
Jeanette. x

Oh sorry Steph! I’ve done it again.So confusing :confused:That message was for Jobar.x

:joy::joy::joy: that’s ok xxx

I’ve seen the pictures of Manuel. He looks gorgeous too. Lots to sort at the moment but will get another cat one day. Might start with volunteering at cats protection. I can see what a difference he has made to you, like Daisy for Steph.x

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What a beauty Manuel is :heart_eyes:

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He is.:+1::cat2::paw_prints::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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He looks so content xxx😍

That’s funny I used to do volunteering at cats protection with my daughter I loved it but wanted to take them all home :heart_eyes:

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Adorable. He looks so relaxed. X

Something else we have in common Steph. X

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Yes I thought that xx