Let's laugh, otherwise we'd cry. Humour only

How about this thread being a safe zone for just humour? Video clips to make us laugh. I’ll start with the Two Ronnies. Four Candles anyone?

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Fantastic daffy and very much the humour in my family when i grew up. An absolute classic x


Thank you Daffy-The best medicine now with all we are going through, our grief and the added health crisis. Yes, a “Safe Zone” sounds good to me. I will be visiting this thread often :joy:

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I hope other posters will add funny videos too. I must admit i loved classic comedy clips.
Taking 5-10 minutes our of our day to laugh sounds like the best medicine.
Take care.

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For you daffy xx

I remember crying with laughter watching this with my dad when it came out. We loved only fools and horses, fawlty towers and minder.
Ive focussed so much on my mum this last 9 months that I’ve forgotten the laughs I had with my dad. 21 years have gone

How funny, I was going to post the Del Boy one :joy:
It must be lots of people’s favourite, loved only fools and horses, one of the best. Me and Tim , my hubby loved watching that.
Great thread x


We need this more than ever

Cheryl x

We really do Cheryl,
Thanks for that ,
Steph xx

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Great one. I’ll look around for some more. x

In memory of my mum who LOVED this xx

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My dad is called Derek and he has always been known as Del Boy even by my Nan. He always has said all his sayings too. His favourite calling me a “dingbat”.

To borrow a phase “Lubbly jubbly!”

I was really laughing at those videos last night daffy. Thank you. X

Thanks to everyone who’s posted them up. With luck more will be added. x