Letters to heaven

Afternoon all,
Did anyone see the lovely news article on tv last night about post boxes at cemetries so we can write to our loved ones?
What a magic idea.
I’m going home from work today and I am writing to Dad. I live a lot of miles from his resting place but I am going to seal the letters and keep them.
I’ve been reading some of the conversations from you all, the pain in trying to navigate the grief, reliving images we don’t want.
Would you like to try writing with me?
In a strange way having a plan to write to dad seems so positive and has given me a purpose today.
Sending lots of love to all who are walking this path of grief.


Hi PippaD,
I didn’t see the news article but it is a lovely idea.
I started writing letters regularly to my husband about 6 months after he died. I keep them in a special journal and when I finished writing it, I read it out loud to his photo and it does help. I write to him just as if he’s away and keep him up with all the family news and gossip, and I tell him how much I love and miss him.
I’m sure you find it very helpful.
Debbie x


Hiya , sorry for your loss, i write a journal to my nan whom i lost six month’s ago. i spoke to her everyday on the phone and felt so lost when she passed. It was suggested to me to write to her daily just to tell her what i was up too and tell her my plans for the day. its a wonderful idea and has helped me tremendously,

same as you i write i love you and miss you everyday it has really helped me

love Chelle xx