Life goes on?

Hi everyone

My lovely Mum passed away 14 months ago. We were so close, it feels like I’ve lost my anchor and guide.
Not a day goes by where I’m not consumed in grief, I’m nowhere near coming to terms with her passing, let alone ‘moving on’ with life.
To say the word I ‘miss’ her, doesn’t come near to how I’m feeling, it’s a pain I’ve never felt and I don’t know if words will ever match this gut wrenchingly god awful feeling.
I wish I knew where she was, and if she was ok.

The fact that I’ll never hear her voice, see her face and smile and hold her hand.
I have counselling and recently started having reiki.

I’m done with hearing people say ‘it just takes time’. ‘It does get better’

How does everyone ‘deal’ with their grief? I get that there isn’t a timescale which is the same as the next person.
It’s just hell.

Hello Folle. I’m so sorry for your loss and suffering. Mum’s are so special, aren’t they? I lost my mum nearly 6 years ago. I lost my brother January 2017 and then my darling husband in June 2017. It’s really crap. Like you, after mum died I remember being desperate to know where she was, even asking a vicar friend. Since then and particularly since losing my husband, I have read many books and I am convinced they are in a wonderful place filled with love. Your mum too will be in this wonderful place, watching over you always. I can think of my mum now and smile when I recall lovely memories. I chat about mum with my sister and sometimes we have ended up really laughing. Cherish the memories Folle. You ask how everyone deals with their grief? Grief isn’t a problem to be solved - the truth is we don’t deal with it, we carry our grief with us - some days it’s very heavy and on not so bad days it can feel lighter but it never goes away. My heart goes out to you and I’m sending you love and a big hug xx

Hi Crazy Kate,
Thank you for your lovely message. It really sounds like you’ve had a time of it, my thoughts are with you.
I didn’t realise the bond me and Mum had until I look back now, I learnt that Mum called me her kindred spirit which I hold so
close when I’m struggling.
I miss her so so much and would do anything to bring her back.
You’re right about cherishing the memories, at the moment they leave a bitter taste in my mouth, I’m sir one day I will be able to sit with them and enjoy them.
It’s nice to hear that you also searched for the ‘where is she’ question. I’m so so glad you have found peace with that.
Thank you so much again Kate