Life has changed forever

2 weeks ago my Partner died in his house, in a horrific fire and I watched it happen.
We had only been together for 4 years and due to circumstances I had moved out of the house but we were still together, the day of the fire I was going to call him to say that I wanted him to move in with me and I kept thinking “I’ll do it later” what a mistake that was!! His house was going to be sold and life was going to be so much better, so many plans. I have so many regrets which I’ll never recover from… He was my world and I let him down so badly. The fire is suspicious and a big investigation is going on but I 100% know that if I’d been still living in that house, it would not have happened and I feel that I failed him. I don’t want and can’t live with that. I know it’s only a couple of weeks ago but time with NOT help


OMG please try and hold on,we are feeling like we don’t want to go on me especially,hate being alone at 76 with nothing now to look forward too as the one who made me has gone.Dying inside everyday.Michael.

What awful circumstances. Everything just keeps getting heaped on to our grief.
I wonder how easy it would be to not wake up!!
Don’t worry, I’m to much of a coward, plus I couldn’t put my family through this pain and who would look after my beautiful dog, Molly.

Also would it be selfish when my husband Martin would have desperately wanted to be here still.

I’m at a loss

Dee xxx


My thoughts exactly,been on my mind a lot to end it all and end the pain and suffering but it does take courage.What would they think of us taking the easy way out.Grief is awful,eating you away all day everyday.Michael.

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I’ve often thought I would just like to disappear so that I don’t have to have to live a future without Ian.
I’m not sure how and I’d hate to inflict more grief on my close family.

Julie x


Yes I feel the same way,just want to fade away now that the love of my life has gone.Nothing left to live for now,existing like this is not what I want.Michael.

I think it takes more courage to stay than go. There are two reason I’m still here…,.1. I need to make sure Carl’s wishes are met at the funeral and 2. I have family.
I get mad because I’m not here for me I’m here for other people and keep being told it wouldn’t be fair on them what about me???