Life is like a roller coaster

Days are stiller like a roller coaster. I lost my wife of 40 years 6 months ago. I lost my wife, retire the same time and now COVID has cause some isolation. Have good support from my kids and friends but they do not know what to say when you lose your soul mate best friend. I walk a lot with my dog , and pray a lot for some strength. Reaching out is hard with COVID it can be done but it we’ll plan and not often. I can not complain I had a wonderful wife that was everything to me and kids and grandkids are everything to me. I just miss my best friend. It that person you know loves you no matter what and could put you in place when you needed it. Hurts me the most us the grandkids lost a wouderful Mimi to grow up with.


Oh I do feel for you. I lost my beloved husband at the end of June and I am not coping well inside although outwardly I am doing ok. I have grandchildren too, four of them, and they adored their Granddad. All I can say is, children are resilient and they will cope. Yes, it is tragic that they have lost her. I speak from experience as I was 14 when my adored Nana died and I thought the end of my world had come. But I got through it. Children do, and don’t forget, as youngsters, they have far more to occupy their minds than we old uns do and that helps.
My granddaughter was particularly close to her Granddad and she was devastated when he died but she is coping even though I was very worried about her, just as you are with your grandchildren.
I am 75 (today) and I still remember my Nana with tremendous love, but I had accepted that she wouldn’t be there for me, and your grandchildren will too.
Just be there for them. That’s all you can do.
Ann x


Thanks for your words of encouragement of the grand children. It was my wife that made holidays very special. My wife is the one decorating for the holidays to it special for the grand kids. That is what they are going to miss that special love and attention she gave. I do realize the grand kids our strong . But is holding your crying in your arms saying that was the biggest regret is not seeing her grandkids grow up which they are so young

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