Life is so hard

Having lost my partner last year instead of life getting better with time I am grieving now more than ever. I feel so alone and so many other sad things have happened in my life since I lost him I can’t seem to climb out a black hole.

Hello @Trish L, I’m so sorry to read your story but we’re glad to have you here where you can share your feelings with people who understand what you’re going through.

From reading your profile and replies on another thread, you’ve had so much to deal with on top of your loss. I know you’ve already joined in one other thread, but you might find it helpful to find more people here who have been through similar experiences, this one for example

I do hope you can find some comfort and support here with us.
best wishes

Thankyou Nancy I have certainly found comfort in yours and others words and I had a lovely chat to the lovely lady with the baby … it especially helps to know I’m not alone feeling the way I do x

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