Light a candle

I’m not a religious person but today I went to my local church and lit a candle for my husband it will be 12 months since he died but it seems like yesterday . I miss him so much I do try to do jobs round house that he would have done but I’m not as good as he was bet he’s laughing at some of the contraptions I do. I used to call him Mr fixit.


Hello and is it really a year since Mr Fixit went, I remember reading your posts and love your robin. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and like you I try to repair or sort out things that my soulmate would have done. I have just come in from ‘playing’ with the back gate that needed to be dealt with and today seemed as good as any. Keep doing, knowing he’s watching. S xxx

Hi SusieM yes a year has gone quick and what a awful year it has been . I’m doing OK today on the anniversary been up cemetery and had a few words and a few tears. Left him a nice card with a very heartfelt message.
That’s the last of the firsts now .
This last year has had its ups and downs more downs I’m afraid, my sister in law died in April and my dad has prostate cancer and I’m having to move house on the 26th of this month just a few items left to sort. My life will never be like it was and I don’t think I will either. I miss Jim more each day and it’s so hard to get though each day but we have to. I’m going on holiday in September this was supposed to be last year but of course I didn’t want to go so it was put on to this year I don’t know if I still want to go will be so hard without him at a place we used to go each year lots of memories and I know I will see people I haven’t seen since Jim went (we used to meet the same people every year at this park we go to )so I’m got them to face but I know Jim will be with me and guide me. Take care x

You have done so well because moving house is not good at any time but within the first takes a lot of guts. The holiday, well it’s difficult but go, you are one strong lady due to what you have achieved and I am sure Mr Fixit will be there helping. Try to enjoy but give yourself some me time away from everything and everyone. Take care but try to enjoy your new life which you should be very proud of everything you have done. S xx

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