Like Tidal Flows

I lost my partner on April 1st, she passed away in America where we shared a home for more than twenty years. I’m now back in the UK living not far from the sea. Most days I sit on a bench at the seafront watching the waves and people passing by.
It dawned

Sorry for the interrupted text, I hate these phones with their tiny keyboards - to continue - it occurred to me grieving is like the tides. We have days where the water is as far out as it can be, others with a spring tide when we think we’re going well.
It’s an emotional roller coaster we would like to get off.
There is no magic cure, during the low tides we must seek support and try to remember the better times. When the tide is high we need to help others who are suffering. Only those of us who have been through it fully understand.

Yes Carl you are right. It was put to me that our grief is like the waves. Some are high and knock us off our feet, others are low and we can push through them. Or like being on a plane. Turbulence that is rough or a smooth flight that is bearable. Your right no magic cures, no pills or potions that can ease our grief. we have to ride through it as best we can and hope that each day is bearable. We search for a light. a sign.
God bless Pat xxx

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Thanks for the reply Patti, I was feeling low first thing today. I posted to clear my head. A few days last week I just wanted to join my Rhonda, I promised everyone I wouldn’t harm myself because I know the hurt it causes to those left behind. I won’t break my promise but it doesn’t stop the thought running through my mind. Maybe I’m luckier than some, or perhaps I’m looking for the signs, each time I’ve got that low God and my soulmate in his Kingdom have answered my prayers.
Last week by chance I happened on an event I didn’t know was taking place. At the exact time I wandered in a band was singing a country song I’d picked for Rhonda’s mother’s memorial service at a southern Baptist church in Oklahoma City.
Not so unusual in Oklahoma but rare in southern England. And at the exact time I needed a lift, not a coincidence.
Today I was sitting on a bench by the sea, I was getting ready to leave as an older couple approached to sit down. They said they didn’t mean to take my seat. I said I was leaving anyway, but I stood and talked to them. It gave me a boost. It was nice to see a couple happy, I wished them more happy years together and thanked them for listening. They were sent to help me.
Prayers and good thoughts to you,

… i lost my partner Richard ( age 74 ) suddenly April 11th…Oh yes, i am believer in people being sent to help us, and at the time we are needing this help…As my late father often would say…" our God works in mysterious ways…"
Yes he sure does…


he God should read He not he…

I am certain, without a doubt that these things happen for a reason, that signs are sent. My Brian promised me that he would still he looking after me and I know without a doubt that he is in my life as much as ever, just spiritually.
Brian was a Country and Western singer and the words in these songs have so much meaning. Brian sang at his own funeral it was quite lovely and I still try at times to listen to him.
I believe in fate and what is meant to happen will.
You have your faith, please hang onto it.
All the best