lisa j..

my lisa died over 8 months ago , i put a post on here fter 19 days and even now things dont seem to be getting easier… i dont cry as much or sink to the floor in despair now. but my life still seems pointless. i cant see myself being with anone else but i do feel that would help me… my head is going crazy…

I’m sorry to hear about your loss I lost my soulmate of seventeen years on October the 24th so it was six months Wednesday gone everyday is getting worse all our future mapped out dreams and hopes all cruelly tragically ripped away I couldn’t imagine being with no one else ever in my life I just want my soulmate back I hope every second of the day that it’s my last take care

I was with my lisa for 30 years and you are right there will be no one better but i do think there has to besomeone else just to begin a new chapter and to giv us all hope. I hav not dated anyone else yet but i do believe that in the future i will. Or at least i hope i will. I am just saying we all need an aim in life .but also we all need to grieve it is so important… plz be strong

Thankyou for your kind words your in my thoughts take care x

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