Literally no sleep

I was wondering if there is anyone going through the night with no sleep at all. I put the light out at 2am and couldn’t sleep so sat up for a bit. I tried again but had to sit up again because grief is not lessening its grip. I thought 3 or 4 hours of sleep which I was managing was bad enough but this is on a whole new level. It’s about the third time in five days. I can’t relax and anxiety symptoms are worse lying in the dark. My.mind goes into overtime and I feel as though I’m still in shock even though it is 14 weeks since losing my partner. I’ve never been in this state before and I’m frightened I am cracking up. Xx

Hi Topsy
I’ve spent many nights without sleep since my husband passed 8 months ago. Tossing and turning, thoughts spinning round in my head. It’s horrible. Most nights are spent fitfully sleeping, waking every few hours, awake for a while, sleeping, awake etc. I guess it’s just the way it’s going to be for now. Miss my Ian so very much.
Here’s hoping you get some sleep tonight.
Julie xx

Hi Topsy, I am so sorry you are struggling to sleep, it is really awful and becomes just something else to worry about on top of all the other horrible stuff you are going through. Have you tried Kalms or other types of natural remedies - they might just help? I can relate to your feelings of shock. It is 20 weeks since I lost my lovely husband George, and I still feel as if I am in shock. I still cannot believe he is not coming back and panic over the thought of not seeing him again. You are not cracking up, your body is reacting to what will probably be the hardest physical and emotional assault it has ever had to endure. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. I don’t advocate the long term use of sleeping tablets but they might just help you get back into some sort of sleep routine which will help you cope better on a day to day basis. Take care xx

To Julie and Debra

Thank you both for your kind and thoughtful replies. Xx

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