Living alone

I’m 56 yrs, living in a shared house, with no friends or family I have mental health issues and I know it makes things harder to cope with, my problem is that my ☓wife and my two children (20)and (17)have completely cut me off as if I’m dead, no letters, no text, nothing, the pain in my heart is killing me as I know I’ve been a pain due to my self harming, and in and out of hospital but I would not ever harm them and they know that, but my past as played a curl part in my life, I feel so lonely, I really can’t understand why? Do they think of me at all? At the moment all I’m doing is crying, there is not a minute in the day that I don’t think of them… Be angry at me yes but not this, God please not this. after all they know what happened to me as a child…how can a family be so curl… That’s it thank you.

Hello Carlton7. I don’t know if you will visit the forum again but I’d just like to say that I hope you are feeling more settled since you posted. I’m sorry for the loss of your relationship with your family. It’s so very painful and difficult longing for things to be one way, when they seem determined to be another. One minute we have routine and structure then somehow things spiral out of control and you don’t quite realise how you got there. Are you really sure all is lost with your family?, Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope. I hope someone is looking after your mental health, the self-harm stage is a really dark place to be and I know how hit and miss mental health care can be following my depression after losing my Husband. Don’t suffer in silence, (easier said than done) it can make a lonely situation so much worse. I wish you all the best and that your situation turns around for the better. Kind regards.

Hi Carlton do you have a faith I mean it’s a comfort to a lot of people I have mental health issues as well AS grief ones too we always want to know why but we also very rarely get those answers in this system of things faith can give us something to hold onto when everything else had gone away you are reaching out in here there are people who listen and care here is a start

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