living alone

It’s 5 months nearly since my husband passed away.
I still feel lost and alone and empty every day the hurt pain and tears are still there.

I go out every opportunity I get I get with family and friends plus I am working 8 hours a day to keep myself busy but I am so busy it’s exhausting.

I have really alot of support from family and friends but it’s the emptiness of coming home after a days work to an empty house and not having any one to talk to.

People tell me to hold on in there because it will get easier over time but I really struggle some day’s.

I hope you are doing o.k.
Thank you for your help and support on this amazing site.

Hold on in there, Emily. It’s completely understandable that you’re struggling some days - as many people here say, grief is much like the sea and some days it may be calm, but on others a big wave may appear and knock into you.

It sounds as though you’re keeping yourself busy with work and going out with family and friends. It’s great that you have that support, but do listen to your body and be kind to yourself when you’re feeling exhausted.

Take care, Emily.


Hello Emily, So sorry for your loss of your husband five months ago. Five months is still early to expect to be ‘over it’. Although, by now, you are probably coping better than in the early months. Being widowed is not an easy state to be in. Do hang on in there Emily. I know that is what your husband would want. It is just a year since my belovd husband died, and I know what a struggle it is to keep going. Im glad you have family support and friends, and it sounds as if you are doing the right thing by getting put and about. I, too have done those things over the past year, and know what you mean about coming back to an empty house. However, I’m glad I still live in the home we shared together. I wondered whether to move to somewhere new but then thought that my grief would still be with me and has to be worked through. I find pleasure in looking around my home and garden that my husband I chose together and feel the warmth of happy memories. I am learning to be patient with myself, accepting that I will still have sad moments and tears, mixed with

My above reply to Emily, ‘disappeared’ unfinished while I was typing the last line. That sentence should have finished as follows: I am learning to be patient with myself, accepting that I will still have sad moments and tears mixed with the better days. With my best wishes. Deidre

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