Living on forever

Following the devastating loss of my beautiful wife to cancer in September, I have some comfort in knowing that part of her will literally live on forever. I’m not talking just in the spiritual sense but in the physical sense too. As per her wishes, her ashes are being planted into the root ball of a tree. She loved trees and gardening and was passionate about protecting nature and helping nature. She believed we should all try to work with nature.
So in a few weeks her ashes will be planted into the root ball of an English Oak Tree at a site that has been selected for reforestation. The site will be part of a protected nature reserve. Native wild flowers can be planted around the trees there as well. My wife’s tree will grow and she will literally be part of the very fabric of that tree. The knock on effect from that tree for the environment, the birds, bees and all manner of creatures and wildlife will go on forever. So even in death, she’ll still be helping nature.
Also the tree will be a living memorial to my beautiful, amazing Nicci :heart: xxxxx


Mike that sounds beautiful! That’s one thing that doesn’t change the beauty of nature :heart::heart:


Thank you for sharing Mike. It just may be what my beautiful husband would have asked for…:dove:x

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What a lovely idea, i might have to pinch it. Is there a website i can look at.
Many thanks and i hope this tree brings you peace xx


Yes, it’s
They’re a charity and the staff are so helpful and lovely. I spoke to a lady called Viv Hardacre who explained everything to me. There are sites based all over the country that have been donated by local councils etc. They are all protected with the emphasis on looking after nature. Once the sites are full they are managed for at least another 20 years before being left to go “wild” but still protected.
You can also have a plaque by your tree with whatever inscription you want.
Mike x

Many thanks for the info Mike. What a wonderful idea. My late husband loved nature and wildlife so seems very fitting.
Thank you

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That is such a beautiful thing to do and what a wonderful memorial to your wife.
Visiting this area will bring you so much comfort.

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Hi NannyE

It’s perfect for my beautiful Nicci. And yes, you’re absolutely right that it’ll bring me a lot of comfort. The planting ceremony isn’t until March but I’ve visited the memorial area and it’s beautiful. I pass that way a few times a week so I can visit on my way home when I’m working that way. Our 3 boys and myself will be able to see as the tree grows into a magnificent English Oak. It’s so comforting to know that Nicci’s ashes will be absorbed into the tree. A true living memorial x

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What a lovely idea @Mike7.

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