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I have been reading quite a lot recently on a website called What’s Your Grief. There was an idea that took my interest regarding how we might live on. It deliberately uses the term “living on” as opposed to moving on or moving forward.
Another article was “Helping your friends help you” and I found the article interesting and the comments at the end even more so. One comment from Mrs Plummer was worth looking for and I found it to be right on the money.
I would strongly encourage anyone who is struggling to have a look at the website as it is a massive resource.
I like the idea of living on. It describes the notion of living on as an individual and living on together with those who aren’t physically with us now. Another thing I picked up and liked was the idea that whilst our grief might not shrink another different life could be built a rounded it or bonded to it.
None of the articles I have read are prescriptive but they have provided me with food for thought and some comfort.
I’ve thought about it a lot as I’ve been walking today.

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Thank you for this. I had a quick look and can see that it will be helpful. I think a new perspective is always good. Nothing can give us what we truly want but anything that privides some comfort is welcome.
Hope everyone has had a peaceful day.

Thanks for sharing that YorkshireLad, I’ll take a look. Hope your day went as well as it could. The weather was pretty crappy. Xx

Hello All, I subscribe to that site and I’ve posted there as well. A lot of good, helpful information there. I thought I’d heard it all with some of the insensitive comments I receive from my boss regarding my loss. Then I read others experiences and found some as bad or worse. “WhatsYourGrief” offers tips on how to handle those tactless comments and protect ourselves in our time of grief. I am glad I stumbled upon that site too. Wishing everyone hope and strength in your struggles.

YorkshireLad I have searched the site and cannot find the part about ’ living on’. Are you able to direct or post a link please?
Many thanks x

I wish I knew where to look for this. I have already been back looking. It is such a big site and then articles often have links to other articles or sources. I keep looking as it’s such a useful site. I think it probably comes from the area of Ongoing, continuing connection which is the area I’ve gone back to frequently.

That should read “continuing bonds”.

Thanks. I will keep searching. It sounds as if it might help.

I’ve since come across a reference in comments to" living forward" which could easily be what I read in the first place.
The two areas I’ve looked at most are Continuing Bonds and Post Traumatic Stress Growth which are both proving to be very interesting. I’m looking for articles and research topics elsewhere.

Thank you so much for this it sounds very helpful. I have been searching for 10 months for something to help lift me out of my grief so this is so welcome and I will read more. I think living around your grief feels like a way forward for me especially as I have other children and my daughter’s grandchildren to be there for.
Have a peaceful day. xxx

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