Local support groups.

Hi everyone :heart:

I lost my dad suddenly on 21st of May 2022. He was only 63.
He was my best friend and whole entire world, and I feel lost, like I’ve lost my sense of purpose.

I know most of you will be feeling the exact same with loosing a loved one.

I was wondering if there are any bereavement groups in Edinburgh and the Lothians that meet face 2 face? I feel like this could be beneficial.



Hi @Foreverlost, I’m glad you’ve found us, but so sorry for the loss of your dad that brings you here.

I’ve had a look on the AtALoss website and it looks like there’s some options in Edinburgh. If you go here and choose your location, you can see what’s available.

I know you’d prefer face to face support, but if you were interested in counselling, we offer free counselling which is done via video chat. You can find out more about our Online Bereavement Counselling here.

I hope you find the community to be a support, too.

Take care