Log In box missing (again)

This is what is happening,
I receive an email, I click on the visit topic button, the page pops up but states page error, I come out of the page after looking for the log in box but there is nothing. I have to search for Sue Ryder website in the URL box, I then have to log in, go back to my emails, and click on the email from Sue Ryder and it takes me to the topic, to be truthful I am fed up, one day it is ok then it goes back to what it was before.


Hi Sheila, Does the text on that page now say the same message, plus ‘you may need to log in to view it’? We have added that text, and the words ‘log in’ are a link - it’s not as big and clear as the normal log in link, but it was the quickest and easiest solution for the time being.

If that is not showing up for you, let me know.

Hi Priscilla,

I was looking for the normal Log in Box and I have deleted all the emails I have received, so until I receive an email from another person I won’t know. What I have been doing is going to the sue Ryder website first thing in the morning and logging in like I would with any other company, then clicking on emails received which takes me to the comments. I will log out now and when I do receive an email I will click on the post icon and see what happens and see if there is a log in link on the error page.


Ah, I see. Thanks for testing that!

Hi Priscilla,

This is the page that is shown when you click on an email.
Sue Ryder Online Community - Bereavement Support Forum

That page doesn’t exist or is private.

That page doesn’t exist or is private. You may need to [log in]

It appears that the only way around this is to first search for the Sue Ryder website, log in then go back to emails other wise we are clicking on the email, being shown this error site which tells you to log in and sends you back to log in on the Sue Ryder website. It is a rather long winded way of doing things.


@Lonely Hi Sheila, it looks as though that is the new version of the page. Where it says ‘log in’, if you click on that, it is a link to log in (not in what you have copied above, but on the actual page).

Hi, After clicking on the email message, the error page comes up which states Log in, in very small blue letters, you click on that and nothing happens so you have to go back to your computer homepage, type in Sue Ryder website, click on it and when it comes up, log in. then go back to emails and click on your email message which takes you to your messages on the Sue Ryder website.

I’m really sorry, Sheila, I have been testing this and the log in link seems to work fine for me (although I know it is rather small at the moment). Are you using a computer, a smart phone or a tablet?

Hi Priscilla,
I am using Chromebook computer. I have started to search for Sue Ryder on the website and log in from there and keep logged in until I close it down in the evening, it means coming out of the website, going back to emails, clicking on them and that takes me to the messages. That way seems the easiest at the moment