I miss my husband Jack. It seems to me that the society gives us 2-3 weeks to get over the loss and manage our grief and ‘move on.’ Few people are willing to listen and speak to us about what we need to speak about and that how we become lonely even when when we’re surrounded by other people. It is such an isolated place. heavy stone you carry all the time and it pulls you down.
I’m generally an active and positive person. Grief is a unique experience. Your mind races, looks for any sign indicates that our loved ones are still there during the day. When it comes to bedtime, it is the best part of the day: I go to sleep hoping and praying that Jack will visit me in a dream visit.
You teach yourself not to speak about your grief so no one gets upset or disturbed, and as a result you become more upset.
There’s a fine line between the sick people (dying) world and the not dying people world, and there’s a fine line between the bereaved people world and the not bereaved people world. Unwritten values and rules.
You change in a profound manner in good and bad ways.
You work hard and harder to learn how build new life and function within it. You question the meaning of many concepts: love, normal, sadness, hugs, togetherness… etc. You start a journey to look for evidence to prove that your loved one is still alive on the other side of the river…
I feel very lonely sometimes … and then I find a reason to build up my soul from within, contact someone, go to work, help someone… plant a tree or flowers, kiss the cats and cuddle them… smile and then cry… and try all the time to move forward with Jack.


Hi Sawsan. I’m sorry how your feeling. You will soon notice that many on here can relate to you including myself. I became suddenly lonely tragically 5 weeks ago. I find night time and mornings the worst. I have a number of times walked to local shops hoping someone will say hello…
Use this forum as often as you need.

Thank you Allison. That’s very kind of you to encourage me to post here…

I sincerely wish you all the best, and send what love I am able to. Your words are very informative apt and almost speak my mind. SJ 720 a hug I give

Thank you for writing how many of us feel. Yes society doesn’t appreciate that grieving goes on with no end date. We don’t wear black or even armbands to say we are grieving, the pain is hidden, kept private, for when we are alone. Thank you so much for sharing.