I’m really struggling at the moment my wonderful husband passed away a year ago and I’m finding the loneliness unbearable. I have a very supportive family and good friends but no one can help with my grief I miss him so much.


Hi Eve3,So Sorry for your loss, and Yes the loneliness is hard to accept, could you join any clubs at all, or do any volunteer work ?, as I have found that it as has helped me a lot, and that it puts a Purpose back into my life, its been 4 months now since I lost my lovely wife and somedays its really difficult to make the effect to do anything, but It spurs me on thinking that this is what my wife would want me to be doing.Take Care.Mickere x

Hi Mickmere I’m sorry for your liss too. Like you I do voluntary work I’m a Samaratan and I have been for quite a few years now I had a 6month break after David passed but he was so proud that I could this and would have wanted me to return. I get together with friends for lun h which is great but it’s when you return to an enpty place. Some people say it gets easier but I think it just gets different.

Hi Eve sorry for your loss I lost my husband a year ago and like you have great support from family and friends but I feel so alone although I’m quite busy weekend and evenings are the worse , and they can’t help much , but talking on here helps x