Hi my beloved husband passed away in May this year. We did everything together. I miss him so much and feel so lonely. I have 2 sons who are wonderful. The call me every day to ask how I am. I usually tell them I’m fine as I don’t want them to worry about me. I just want the pain and loneliness to stop



Your in the very early days of grief & I think at this stage probably still in shock, I’m 3 years on & with the passing of time I do feel better then I did, not forgotten just got used to him not being here I suppose, kids are great but they have there own life’s & can’t fill the void left by a partner, all you can really do is to just hold on for the moment knowing in the future the intense pain will ease & you’ll feel more able to bring other things into your life to enrich it like joining a women’s group or walking group anything that gives you a structure & contact with people?


I think ur words are very wise i also think through time we will all kearn to live a different life without or loves.it will be a hard road bit in time i do believe it will get better. Qe all have to believe this i am only 4 weeks since losing Robert and have returned to work which is going to save my life. Lots of love and have faith


So sorry for you having to join our community.
I am 8 months in to my journey without my beloved husband. Some days are easier now and I find keeping busy is the best way for me to cope. I do sometimes feel the need to let go of emotions which bottle up though. Tears are often not far from the surface but they do stay inside sometimes now.

Sending you some love xxx

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