How can I learn to live on my own without feeling afraid of the loneliness? I’d been with my husband for almost all of my life so being without him is overwhelming me.


I’m 5 weeks into living totally alone for the first time & for me I feel the loneliness & the silence feels deafening, it’s a weird & horrible feeling, the home feels like a house and not a home with just me in it.

The advice I’ve been given is as follows:

  1. you won’t always feel like this, your brain needs time to Adjust to the new normal & there will come a time when you will feel ok again.
  2. buy sometime new to go in the home or change the furniture around
  3. get out for a walk every day
  4. keep busy
  5. think about what you could do in the future, classes? Clubs? A Pet? Volunteer Work?
  6. remember how your feeling now is normal, it will pass.

Don’t know if any of these tips will help you but for me knowing how I feel is normal, it will improve & I’ll need to help myself in the future helps.

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I think knowing we’re normal to feel as we do does help

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