I am a widow of only a few weeks and finding the evenings alone very sad. I get out as much as I can in the day to see people but filling up time in the evenings difficult although I do watch TV.


Hi @Maggie5 So sorry for your recent loss. Iā€™m just over 3 months down that road and agree that the evenings can be quiet. I watch less TV now (hardly any) unless I can find a decent film on Netflix and listen to music a lot. There are Zoom meetings (currently Tuesday & Friday evenings at 8pm) run by other forum users (not Sue Ryder) and a lot of people are finding these useful. If you would like to be added to the private messages that provide the links to these meetings drop @karenF or myself a pm and we can add you. Are there any local groups that meet in the evenings? (perhaps walking groups with the longer evenings and hopefully better weather coming). Best wishes