Lonely after my son's death

Never had any support in coping with my son’s death.

Dear Meggi56
So. Sorry to hear about the death of your son and to hear that you have had no support. My beautifull 24 year old son died 6 months ago so like you i am living this nightmare everyday. I think it is important that we have support and talk about our wonderful child with others. Sites like this are great but I also have counselling every week from a berevment charity which I find very helpful. My doctors has been helpful and has helped me find the appropriate help for my children.
Life is so hard so there is no shame in seeking help and turning to others.
Take care

Hello Meggi56
I too like Jan and the others on this site lost my beautiful son aged 34 last December, he died of a brain tumour. I have the help of my very close friends and husband I have seen the Doctor but don’t take tablets, but it might help if you can get some counselling from Cruse, your Doctor can point you in the right direction. It helps also to talk with others who have been and are going through the same thing. It is never easy to lose your child, although I have another son he has his own little family, the problem is they were so close so he finds it especially difficult to even talk or share any emotion regarding Sam. I have some of my sons ashes in a ring that I have had made so he is always with me. I also talk out loud to him which helps. I can only say to you that although the grief never fully goes away it does get easier day by day. Although my tears can still flow they flow less now and they don’t last all day. It is an horrendous journey and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone but we are all here for each other on this site so when you feel down or need to rant or rave put it into words and post it here everybody will understand.

With love Helen

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