Lonely in the evening

Despite keeping busy, too busy, I guess, during the day, everything just comes to an abrupt end during the evening. Ever since my wife died 3/1/22 and my mom 3/2/22, I just struggle with this. Does anyone else feel the same? Even get changed to go to bed at 6pm.i try to stay up, but eventually end up going to bed, to get the evening out of the way. The silence really hurts and especially nolonger working. I do try my best during the day, well organised meals cleaning etc, but just can’t solve the evenings. It’s the worse time for the grief.


@Keiand - you are so right. Grief stalks us during the day, while we busy ourselves with who knows what. When we stop, it makes its approach, ready to overwhelm us once again. The long nights are the worst - and you have been through so much in such a short and very recent time. My husband died nearly 3 months ago and I am awake it feels so much more than I am asleep. I talk to him all the time - telling him that I love him, asking him to come home. There is no reply - but it helps, oddly, all the same. Hold tight, my friend.

Hello to you both, even now I find some evening are empty and slow. Some nights I want to go to bed but find I really don’t. I totally agree and I think most of us on here feel the same.
Keeping busy during the day helps but then evening comes but spring and summer are definitely easier because it stays light and I find it helps. Knowing others feel the same does help. S xx

I agree, even though I see others suffering, it kinda, tells me I’m not the only one. Yes, have felt better with the change of the clocks and better weather to be outside. Hope I’m feeling better when I go into next winter, try not to think that far ahead.

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