Lonely inside

I’ve long given up talking about my late husband to hardly anyone. Their stock answers are often ignorant, and their lack of understanding just too upsetting. I want to keep his memory and our life just mine, pure and unspoilt.
Even now many years later, I talk to him. I tell him he is mine and I am his forever. My soul will find him, though it takes forever. I hope and believe he can hear me.


Rachel, I agree 100% with your post. It’s unbelievable how some people, even family members can be regarding our loved ones. Take no notice of them and you keep your memories to yourself. I also talk to my soulmate and tell him what I have been doing and sometimes he seems to answer. Funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Take care of yourself and stay safe. Sxxx


They do, they must. Otherwise what use was it all? I cannot believe the love and life shared here can just evaporate. Love is everlasting.