Lonely nights

The worst time for me is the lonely nights. Watching tv but not watching. Trying to watch the same programs that we both watched together. The day’s can be bearable by visiting or taking to friends and family. But you don’t feel like it’s right to call them in the evening. I feel like I’m imposing on their time although they say I’m not. Call anytime they say but it just doesn’t seem fair to bother them. Am I right to burden them with my grief when they are going through the same. There’s time’s I just don’t know what to do for the best. This site has given me the platform to share my grief. Thank you

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If you need to call friends and family, call them. I’m sure they would rather you spoke with them rather than sitting feeling the way you do. I know what you mean by not wanting to impose on people but they won’t feel like that.
I am lucky to have my daughters still living at home with me they are such good company and we are all supporting each other

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Hi there, yes I have to agree with you
To be honest the TV is my best friend at night,
So glad it is daylight longer at the moment , it helps somehow
Take. Care

Really glad you have support at home. I know I can talk to them but that’s the way I am. Always been independent. But times have changed and it’s hard to change my ways. Thanks for your comment really appreciated

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Thank you. Look after yourself and thanks for your support

I know what you mean about being independent, like to be independent myself. Take care of yourself x

Thanks. But support is necessary and welcoming. Hope your ok


My husband passed away suddenly in hospital only 42 . This happened on 10th May so still very painful and at times I question how can this be real? I am just trying to take a day at a time as I feel that’s all I can cope with. It’s the most awful pain ever isn’t it? X

I’m so sorry for your loss. What an irony my wife’s birthday was 10th May. I feel for you and hope you get the support you need. We all need to be there for each other xx

Yes we do I’m so glad I found this forum because everyone can support each other and understands what we are going through. Do you have any children or was it just you and your wife? X

I have 2 grown up girls. 40 and 45 who understand what I’m going through. My wife wasn’t their mother as I had split up year’s ago but they accepted her. I have family from my wife’s family who have been a great support and a brother in New Zealand. She was going to retire at the end of the year and were going to spend 4 month’s there. Could still happen for me if borders are open. Need to spend time with my brother. Thanks for your comments. Hope you get closer but I doubt it will. Life knocks you down. Hope your ok xx

Life is just so unfair how we all make plans for our futures together and then suddenly there is no future with our loved one. I hope you do get to visit your brother soon. I’m glad you have family to support you as well. X

Do you have family support. Or friends that you can talk to. You sound very lonely. I’m here if you need to talk . Re edit sorry that sounds personal I mean everyone is here for you xx

Thank you yes I am lucky to have good family and friends for support but coming onto the forum is also good as people know exactly how you feel as we are all going through similar grief x

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That’s good to hear. Hopefully life will get better for all of us xx

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