Lonely weekends

Does anyone else find weekends very lonely? I think it’s easier to distract myself with being busy during the week but weekends just leave me so lonely

I find the weekend very difficult too.

Hi Diane weekends are like being in solitary confinement my wife Jane passed away last November since then the weekends have got worse for me.
We had no children with just a nephew who texts and phones now and again.
I saw one person to talk to yesterday when I was out with my little dog when you see family groups out enjoying themselves is there anything for people like us to join into?? to be fair if Jane had been alive we to would have been enjoying the weekend but to come home to an empty house on your own is like torture friends don’t want to know how you are and if you ring relative and friends up either the conversation gets very strained or told can’t stop just going out .
For people like us who have lost a loved one and on their own where is the support and help then please tell me because I haven’t found it yet in the 8 months since I lost Jane.
Kind regards MM69

Sundays are the loneliest for me. Before losing my Mom in 2012, I used to spend Sunday with her, helping out in her house, taking her to church, and out for dinner. Some times my younger sister would join us. There was no place I’d rather be than with my family. After our Mom died my younger Sister and I continued making Sunday our time together. Now my younger sister is gone too (May, 2018). Sundays are now long empty days, and I am left with painful reminders of all that I lost. I dread Sundays, no matter how busy I try to keep myself, the reality of their deaths follows me through the lonely hours. Friends are busy with their families on Sundays, so I rarely hear from any one. I am an independent sort, so I am able to do things alone (take in a movie, go out to eat) but it is not the same. I keep seeing my Sister sitting next to me. I would give anything even for one of our long, chatty phone calls, laughing and catching up on our week. Wish I could offer some suggestions to get through this. I agree with MM69, this is like being in “solitary confinement.” Xxx Sister2

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Hi Diane
Weekends are the worse! week days aren’t much better! I am lonely all the time. I have no family at all, hate this life.
I wish I worked then at least it would give me a focus. Do you work?x

Hi I have read your texts to people and how I agree with you, we feel so alone and friends and even family just don’t want to know leaving us feel a nuisance. My own daughter was too busy shopping to chat to me today, says it all. Like you,seven months on, I can’t come to terms with the loss and pain but being able to chat to others this way does help, keep in touch. Carmen (archie123)

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