I sadly lost my dear wife to cancer in July,it’s so hard coping with out her she was my rock,my everything,this will be my first Christmas without her,I just know how I will cope,I don’t have many friends,my dear friend passed away some years ago.

But I have to stay strong for our married daughter,it just doesn’t feel like a home anymore without my wife here with me,I go to the gym most days which helps,I try to keep busy,but each day seems to get harder and harder to get through,and going shopping without my wife is so lonely,and coming to a empty house is just unbearable.

Evening M50
So sorry to hear the sad news that you lost your wife in July. I lost my husband in January after 43 years married.
I feel just like you and many others feel exactly the same. You are not alone!
I have no family at all and live alone too.
It is a totally different life now like you say.
Both mw and Mike loved Christmas so much and this will be my first Christmas alone and will be I am sure so sad.
You are lucky to have a daughter so I am sure she will support you through the rough times.
I have had lots of low times but I must say this web site has been so comforting to me and in fact I have made a lovely lady friend through this site. We have become good friends.
Be strong and message as it does help especially when feeling low .
Take good care and again you are not alone as we all feel lonely especially me. Regards Sue

Hi benenden

Thank you so much for your kind reply,I always felt it’s only happening to me but since joining this only yesterday,I have received such kind support,it is hard at present,it’s only just over 3 months since I lost my lovely Christine,she was so special she was my everything,but I know I have to be strong for my daughter,not sure how I’ll cope with Christmas getting closer,I try to keep busy,and keep active going to the gym most days which helps,I looked after my wife at home for the last 8 weeks of her, I always told her it was the best thing that ever happened to me meeting her,we had a lovely marriage together,our home is just empty without her,so pleased you have made friends with someone from this site best wishes Mike X

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I find going to the supermarket really hard. Trying to buy things in small amounts. Trying to think of things to cook for one. I freeze extra portions but would really love a fresh mid week roast with veggies. Having a very low day today, even my granddaughter commented that it is very quiet here without grandad.

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Hello Mike,
I am so sorry that your Christine passed away, I do hope that you coped with Christmas.
My husband of 59 years passed away last August, it is so lonely without him, our children who are in their 50’s live 80 miles away in different directions. Both of them have been wonderful in dealing with everything which death brings, yet they are devastated to lose their dad, he was a kind and gentle soul and very much loved.
Take care and be kind to yourself.

Hello Mary

Thank you for your thoughts,it was very difficult this Christmas,I hope you had a peaceful Christmas,it’s so hard at times without her being still here,we all have to take each day as it comes,I hope and pray you find peace ,thankfully I have our married daughter,who is so caring and we support one another,they live only 10 miles away,I’m hoping to start some voluntary work soon,they are opening what they call a men’s shed,which helps men living on there own achieve help in practical skills in construction skills,I’m a retired lecturer (joiner) hopefully will help me cope with missing my lovely wife of 40 wonderful years together.
Take care of yourself
Mike X

Thank you, MM, for your lovely post, my Stan was a college lecturer. He taught Business Studies, to begin with, and then Computer Studies, he took early retirement in 1991, we were very lucky in that respect. I am so sorry that you are left without your Jane, life changes so much, doesn’t it?
Take care

It’s strange how alone and lonely you can feel, I have three sons, two grown up, one a teenager at home, a partner with ptsd and other mental health illnesses. But yet you feel alone, like no one really cares, I think because my two elder sons have their own lives, my teenage is at a point where he is doing well academically, my partner just has too many problems of his own. I think well who is there for me, I’m there for everyone. I know Me! I’m the only person and my four legged friends x

Dear Sarrah,
We are here for you, I feel as if I have obtained a new family, who really care.
You come across as a very independent lady and I admire you for it.
x x x x

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ps: I had a very enjoyable Christmas, thank you, our daughter came and picked me up, I don’t drive, I have never had the courage to learn. We were invited to our grandson’s for Christmas day, he and his partner, made us so welcome. Of course, our great-grandson was a delight, he is only 17 months old every time he looked at me, he laughed, I can’t think why. !!!. I nearly cracked when I saw that our grandson had laid a place at the table for his granddad.
x x

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That’s lovely thank you xx

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