I am just, so fed up of being so lonely, and being on my own, all I had is gone, no point, any more, just get through the day, just to get through the next one. Oh well,


Pete, I feel so very alone aswell. Lost my mum two weeks ago. Sending my best, kieran

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@PeteE59 @Ks78 hi Pete hi kieran I know how bad the loneliness feels. It feels like there is no point to anything anymore. I tell myself her love still surrounds me after all she is deep in my heart and always will be and sometimes I think I can feel her. In all honesty we keep going for them because they would want us to and even if we were around hundreds of people we would still be lonely because its our loved ones we miss and long for. All I can say is keep on trying. You are not alone there is support on here and people that understand your pain. My thoughts are with you both take care sending hugs x