How do you get through the hard times .I had to say goodbye to my wife Barbara of 32 years on the 7 march this year. It was a shock as she was full of energy and enthusiasm. But at Xmas developed a significant cough 9wks later gone from my life . Right now feeling so low and just no interest in the world . If it was not for my dog max I don’t think I Whould leave the house. It’s so hard to explain to people who I meet on walks when they ask how Babs is doing I just fall apart.


I know just how you feel because I am going through all these feelings myself. Everyday is difficult and often overwhelming. Just be kind to yourself and keep going out with the dog. Fresh air and sunshine are healing. Look after yourself xxx


Take your time i know its easier said than done. I lost my partner suddenly in Feb he was only 36. I have day’s where don’t want to get up out of bed but I have to for my daughter.

Please be kind on yourself, have you thought about and counciling which may help to get all your feelings out.

Take care sending you a hug 🫂 xxx

Hello Smee, so sorry to hear this, 32 years, wow I bet you have some beautiful memories together.
I was with my wife for 28 years until she passed on April 29th, the grief can be all consuming at times and life can seem pointless.
I do believe my wife would want me to continue so I am slowly trying to build myself up, I struggle but have had help from counselling and a hypnotist which helps me and on this forum everyone is so supportive.
I am going from one day to the next and find this helps, Trying to think ahead can become overwhelming so I am doing things in small steps and will hopefully get to a point where I can look back and smile at our wonderful life together.
I truly hope you can too.

Thank you Joe for the kind words. I am trying my best to get motivated to buy is hard to sometimes. All the people who I have talked to say the same one day at a time and don’t over think things. I have allways been a positive person when Babs was hear but it not the case now. Hopefully in time that will return.

Hi again Smee,
I totally get what you said about being a positive person, I was exactly the same when Carole was around because I had lots to be positive about with her by my side, now I am a shell of that person
I do believe/hope in time we can get to a position where we can function a little better and have some purpose, to be able to smile and take pleasure in things again.
Sending love

There’s allways hope Joe take care :slightly_smiling_face:

Joe it’s been s bad start for me in 2022 watching Babs go down hill fast ant and then having to deal with a new right hip replacement . With been on my own with Max :dog2: I have been batterd mentality and physically. It’s not nice :disappointed_relieved: is any body on this page from the Garforth area West Yorkshire !!