It’s been 10 months since my husband of 49 years died suddenly from a heart attack. I tend not to cry in front of my kids and grandchildren it seems to me they think I’m OK. I cry a lot when I’m home by my self I’m so lonely for my husband miss him so much

Hello Honeybunch
I sincerely empathise with you as I lost my Husband to a heart incident in October. Yes, my family too seem to think I am ok, but we aren’t are we? Whilst the shock may have subsided, the passage of time brings a renewed reality of the absence of our loved one each day. Forgotten memories resurface as well and serve as a reminder of our lives that were. We are lonely for our Husbands and grief is also so lonely isn’t it. Do you get plenty of opportunities to talk about your Husband, we had no children together so I can’t. I hope you have a peaceful day as far as possible. Take care Tina