Hi I lost my darling wife six weeks ago after 19 year together it was my third wife both my other two ran of with other men then I found the love of my life now she has passed away I am devastated we had been retired eleven years so had spent a lot of time together , I just can’t cope with being on my own

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Hello, John. I’m so sorry to read about your loss and can understand how lonely you are feeling. I lost my husband six months ago after being married to him for 66 years. Like you, I cannot cope with living alone. I seem to spend most of my time walking aimlessly around the market town where I live, or sitting in the library reading the newspapers. Anything to get out of my flat. I am lucky to have family living not too far away and they often invite me over for a meal, but the minute they drop me off and drive away I start crying at the thought of being alone. My only hope is that this feeling of desolation will pass eventually, as I’m sure it will. Maybe once the winter is over and we have lighter evenings and warmer days. Sorry I haven’t been much help to you but at least you know that there are others in the same dark place. In all of my 86 years, I have never experienced feelings like it and live in hope that it can only get better one day. Meanwhile, writing on here can be theraputic so keep posting. Best wishes. Eileen