My husband died a month ago and i feel so lonely in the evening when 12 years old son is in bed .

I feel the same when my children are at school i put tv on when could be doing housework

I go to bed about 9pm every night including weekends and read its the only way I can get through it all _ i live alone and there is only so much tv one catch keep watching I jsut hope things get better in time and I can make some friends.

Evenings and night time seem to be the worst, before my husband went, he would go to bed before me and I thought after that I would be fine but no, it’s a very sad part of the day. I think I have now exhausted all the remedies that I have heard about and are now trying to stop the intake of alcohol on the hope that evenings just may work out better. Last year, in the summer, my neighbor informed me I should not be working in the garden after it was dusk, so I told him I was going to invest in flood lights. That’s the lighter side which is what we have to look for.

I am another who goes to bed early now. I find it a real comfort to curl up in bed and relax after a hot bath. It is the time I know I don’t have to face anyone and ‘be brave’.

I lived with my Mum and when she passed away was hard. You don’t need to be talking to someone all the time, just knowing they are in the house or nearby is enough. ‘Every room is full of their silence’ is an expression I have recently heard and isn’t it so true.

TV is good only as far as it goes. I find trashy novels, the sillier and more escapist the better seem to help a bit.

I am waiting for the long summer evenings when I can go for a walk and pass the time that way.

That expression says it all.

I agree Susie, I cried when I first read it.

Mel as a mentor we are there to help others but this last few days have been awful because I am coming up to our fourth Anniversary of him going and things have all started to go wrongs. Nothing I can’t cope with but they just make the situation worst.
I suppose what I am asking is will the grieving never end and I do know the answer. Like a lot of women of my age the family have all moved abroad and yes I am on my own which normal doesn’t worry me but at this time of year it does. The garden is green and the flowers are all full of colour after a long winter so I should feel happy.
Well, sorry but I am not and all the things I have read, told others and tried to believe seem useless. To be honest it’s like that first 12 months rolled into a few days.
So I have to pull myself up by my bootstraps and say next week will be much better, our youngest son and his wife are visiting from Athen so I have to. Sorry for unloading this on you but just to write about how I feel has helped, when you get this just bin it.
Thanks for being there and when you have bad days please feel free to write and tell me how you are feeling.
Love and blessings