Long nights

When you try your hardest to sleep but the tears keep flowing. 7 months on and sleep is not happening tried everything I don’t want sleeping tablets tried herbal remedies nothing seems to work. I probably get about 4 hours a night

Dear Kim5, I’m sorry you are struggling with sleep, I too have this problem, I spend a while crying then I try to distract myself by reading quite a bit and play games on my phone but I only get to sleep around 3 or 4am, some times even later. I always feel worse when it’s time to go to bed. Then I sleep for as long as I can until lunchtime. I just can’t face the long day ahead. My hubby passed on 4 June. I wish you rest and peace. Best wishes Margarita

Thank you it’s hard I probably fall asleep around 3 or 4 but wake around 7 I’m usually on my phone. Sorry your going through the same x

Dear @Kim5, I am so sorry that you find sleep so difficult, and it must be so exhausting for you too. I find it difficult to fall asleep at night but not to the extent that you are suffering from. I generally go to bed late, as you can see, and it can be around 3:30am before sleep comes, but it does come eventually, thankfully. My wife used to put on a soothing music CD at bedtime, sort of new age relaxation or meditation type music, some of which included nature sounds, like waves lapping gently or birds twittering. They are very relaxing, and I wonder if something like that might help you at all?
Like @Margarita1, I tend to stay in bed until around 11:00am, simply to try to make the day shorter so that we don’t have to endure our despair for even more hours in the day.
I hope and pray that life is gentler on you and that you do get more peaceful nights.
Wishing you all the very best,

Hello Kim5
Not getting a good nights sleep is so hard. It makes the next day that much more difficult. The same happens to me. If i manage to fall asleep I wake up after just a few hours. I’ve found that if i put a lot of work in the garden–heavy mowing, weeding etc or other physical activity it sometimes helps. Sometimes I keep the tv on with the volume low and it eventually might lull me to sleep like hearing a bedtime story. Others have suggested a warm bath before bed or a really dull book. But often nothing works like you say. I am sorry you are having this difficulty. Unfortunately, I know it too well. I lost my husband just under 7 months ago myself. Covid makes this grief journey that much more complicated as well. I hope this resolves for you and if you come up with any good methods I would like to hear them. Best wishes, Jane2

Thank you all for replying I’m certainly not in my own I keep busy during the day and soon to return to work exhausted by 7 I try the things your all suggesting thank you xx

Alston56, thanks for you kind words, I hope you too find peace and rest. Margarita