Long time friend

I knew my long time friend and one time relative was terminally ill with cancer. I knew he was given approx 9 months. I knew he was having 3 lots of chemo and then getting re-assessed. I knew he was in the middle of the 2nd session. I knew hs was positive about living and fighting. BUT, I didn’t expect to get a call this morning to say he had passed away today. He only re-married in March, he was only 65. He only sent me a note a couple of days ago. I feel so awful for his family, I feel so awful for him, he had such a zest for life and loved it. I feel totally broken by this. I only lost my mum in June. None of it is because of Covid, but what a totally crappy year.


I am so sorry, Emily, that you are going through this awful grief, all I can say to you is to continue reading this forum and when you feel like doing so, continue to post.

I can 100% agree that 2020 has been a crappy year. I will be glad when 2021 comes however the grief and the loss will still be there but I’m hoping we won’t have the Covid restrictions that we have at the moment. As being separated from your family when you really need them the most sucks. I’m so sorry for your loss it’s awful especially when it’s so sudden as well

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