I recently lost my dog - he was nearly 13 years old and my best friend - we did everything together, its significant because of his relationship with my husband - who passed away just two years ago with terminal cancer - with loss of both my parents I recognise the symptons of depression and dealing with the loss of a loved one - but the house feels very lonely and my purpose diminished.

hi jane I lost my wife linda 7 weeks ago today I see were you are coming from
its the loneliness that is the worst as you have nobody to share your storys with whether it be from work or something that’s happened elseware
you will of found comfort you dog as it would also get you out of the house taking him for walks ect I know its a bit soon but could you not get another dog in remembrance of your husband I thought I was a strong person but losing linda has ripped my heart out I think I need to speak to a doctor or someone as I feel I am going down road of depression I had a lovely home but now I tell people I own a house not a home

just try to remember everybody in life has a purpose keep strong and keep chatting to people even talking to strangers like we are doing now could help
take care

Hello Jane
Have just read your post and wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you have lost your canine friend who was a link to happier times as well as a support in your grief. Some people may think it strange that one can grieve for a pet but one really can…I lost my partner two years ago…we had a little family of dogs who were as our children and I managed to bring all six of them back to the UK although I had to have one put to sleep last year. My dogs have been my lifeline…they never let me down and offer unconditional love. They understand when I am having a bad day and just make me feel needed. I think Chaz may be right in suggesting that you think about another furry friend when you are ready so to do…perhaps a rescue dog? For the time being I just wanted to let you know that I understand how you feel and send a hug across the ether. Tare care x

Hello Chaz
I am so sorry that your wife has passed away and that you are now having to live life without her. It is very early days for you and things will unfortunately be tough…time helps us cope better and you will no doubt have read many of the posts on this site so will know that we all understand and will help if we can. Loneliness is hard to combat but you carry your wife with you in your heart and the love you shared will always be with you. Take care and keep posting.x

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