Looking for bereavement groups

I lost my husband and soulmate of 50 years in June 2021.
Although I have family and friends around, I would like to physically meet other bereaved people to talk with, other than just on the internet, forums or tel conversations….
Are there any bereavement groups in the St. Albans area, where bereaved people can actually meet up and have conversations…?

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Have you contacted your local hospice as they usually have bereavement groups or might be able to direct you to one. There is also grief cafe’s but you will have to look locally to see if there is one in your area. Otherwise the library might be able to help you.
Best of luck

Thank you Pattidot!
I joined this group hoping to basically find all the answers here, in one place ,
without having to search locally and at libraries….
Thanks anyway

Hi Izzy
Sorry I couldn’t be of more help but not knowing the area where you live I don’t know what there is on offer.
You could also give your local Age Concern a call they might be able to help you with more local information.

Thank you so much for your kind help!!
Will try local sources….