Loosing a partner

Meet up north east England.A new group called, A new chapter widows North East on Facebook have meet ups for coffee n chat. Everyone’s lost a spouse or partner. Everyone welcome Newcastle Sunderland Teesside Northumberland. Lovely meeting new friends and companions

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Dear @Sadie1

Thank you for sharing the information with the Community. For people wanting to know more about the group, I have had a look at the page and it is a Private Group and not open to the public created in September of this year and currently has 118 members.


It’s a lovely friendly group who arrange local meet ups. Mainly ladies but a few men. It’s a new group do everyone is getting to know each other. Everyone has lost a spouse or partner, so everyone understands and is supportive. It’s not a dating site or a councillor service. It’s a group to make new friends, chat and get out and about.


Shame it’s just Facebook, I don’t have any social media stuff and miss out on groups like this sadly

I could send you dates of the meet ups and keep you up to date and see if you fancy coming to any. If you send me your mobile number I’ll text you :+1: there’s a couple not on FB but come to events. Where do you live Jen

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If you send me your details I can update you with events. A few are not on FB and do it this way. It’s a lovely group meeting for coffees n chats