Loosing a partner

I lost my boyfriend on sunday night he commited suicide and i am pregnant with his baby i cant help but blame myself as we had an argument jzut before he did it. I have so much guilt and pain.


So sorry for your loss and situation

You can’t blame yourself - no one commits suicide from a single argument, or even multiple arguments.
While I don’t know the situation, suicide is complex with a multitude of contributing factors and long term depression and often chemical imbalances in the brain

Very difficult situation and would suggest seeking professional support and help


So sorry for your loss .


@Emilylouise123 this is absolutely awful, so sorry for your loss :pensive::pensive: I agree with @MemoriesOfUs and definitely seek out some help, hopefully you have family and friends who can support you too, don’t feel guilty, your not to blame, :confused:


Hi Emilylouise123 iam so sorry for your loss , please don’t blame your self, it’s not your fault . Look on line for your local sobs group’s they’re free and all around the country, I’ve been, until you here from other people that are in the same tragic situation you will be overwhelmed with gilt , blaming your self, it’s not your fault , you must come to terms with this, then you can start to grieve, IMO please take care of your self and your babe , mental health is disease not a choice, x


So sorry for your loss.
Sending hugs & strength xx

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