Loosing Both Parents

I lost both my parents at the beginning of the year. My dad took his life in feb 5 days after my birthday. My mom lost her short fight with cancer in April.

They were separate and had been for 25+ years.

My mom was my rock and i was a proper mommys boy, she would of been the person i would of gone to and vented about my dads situation, which hurts even more.

My dad wasn’t a bad dad but wasn’t the best either he let me and my sister down many times and we often felt second best to our step brother and sister, my main draw to my dad was football and we were massive birmingham city fans but i have lost all love for the sport since my dad did what he did.

I feel lost and detached from my whole life.

its putting pressure on my wife and affecting our communication.

Any suggestions??

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@cfox5771 so sorry for your loss, wow that’s a lot to cope with bless you.
I lost my Mam 8weeks ago and I’m totally devastated she was my best friend and I was with her nearly every day.
Me and my husband havnt been very good with communication, he always says he doesn’t know what to say to me… sometimes I say, you don’t need anybody saying anything to you, just an arm round you and ask how your day has been is all u need you just need to know they witness your grief and understand they carnt make you better and you just have to adapt to your new life around the loss.
Take one day at a time.