Loosing both parents

This is my second post, but feel i need to talk as i feel totally lost, dont want to do anything . Its just been over a year now , i feel really lonely, just want to cry, feel like i got a massive headache and its going to burst, it hurts so much . Got any suggestions to ease this? ive tried walking the dog , done a bit of deep breathing, it eases it a little bit but not much.

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your parents, @Collie. I’m just giving this a gentle bump for you - hopefully someone will be along to offer their support.

I know how you are feeling it’s 7 years for my mam next week and 9 months for my dad and sometimes I feel I am going backwards. I have no one to talk to tried the samaritans and they advised me to call cruise bereavement but no one answered the phone. I too go for walks and try to clear my head that way but it doesn’t always work. l long to talk to them and for their advice and just need them so much. Just try to take each day at a time. I know i’ve not been much help but sometimes just knowing someone feels the same and knows how you are feeling can help. Take care

Since i lost my mum and dad last year , i contacted cruise , i got through and that is the best the best thing i done , they are brilliant i would say keep trying them dont give up its worth it ,? , . YOU CAN DO THIS . Please keep trying to contact them . Please let me know how you get on. Im thinking and preying for you

Thanks for reaching out to me, sorry I haven’t replied sooner. It’s 7 years for my mam today and 9 months for my dad tomorrow and I am just in bits. I will try to contact cruise again. Thanks once again Take care

I tried to contact Cruise, nobody picks up the phone

Hello why dont you try sue ryders online bereavement support, they offer counselling, i will also look to see if there is other help available as well . Please dont give up.

If you go onto sueryder.ord you will find all the infro on there. Let me know how you get on with that

Sorry its sueryder,org