Loosing mum

I lost my wonderful mum on the 17th December 2019. It was very sudden and such a shock, I felt like I was in a complete daze for the days that’s followed. I blocked it out, but now that a new year has arrived it is starting to Feel very real and I am really struggling. Could anyone help?

Hello P17, am sorry to hear about the recent loss of your mum. It is such early days for you and your emotions will be all over the place. There are many on here who have recently lost a parent and will be able to relate to you so post again. No one can take your grief away but is does help to share your feelings with others who understand. Take care. X

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Hi again, there is a category on here dealing specifically with the ‘loss of a parent’, please take a look. If you read the posts on there you will see that others are struggling too and will understand your grief. X

Hi P17. So sorry to hear you are struggling. My mum passed away July 2019 and I’ve struggled since. The first few months were horrific, dark nightmares, actual pain in my heart, anxiety and feeling so unbearably sad that I thought my heart would break. It has for slightly easier but then a month ago I started struggling g again and am off work again. All I can say is be kind to yourself and know it takes time as I have found out. It is still very raw for you and if is truly an awful time to get yourself through. I find it helps to read posts on here as I thought I was going crazy until I read others were feeling the same. Love to you xxxx

P17, I’m sorry to hear of you recent loss of you Mum. I lost my mum 13 weeks ago so I know only too well how dreadful it all is.
My Mum died suddenly of pneumonia and a heart attack, even the hospital wasn’t expecting it to happen. Have a look on the loosing a parent thread. There are several of us, who talk nearly daily. It’s a great comfort talking to those who understand.

I also lost my dear mum on Dec 17th 2019, only a few weeks after a cancer diagnosis. I truly share your pain. At the moment I can’t imagine ever feeling happy again.


I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my mum suddenly almost 7 months ago and ive felt no happiness since that day. I hope I do enjoy life again one day because I’ve had the most miserable time since she died and I still cant believe it most days.
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