Loosing my Dad

So I lost my dad on 1st December 2017. It was very sudden. I’m 26 and my dad was 50.

Following him passing I kept myself very busy with arranging the funeral then of course we had Christmas then his birthday and then new year. So I always had something to focus on and work towards.

Now this is all over I am really worried about facing reality. I still can’t believe he is gone and I’ll never have him back in my life. I was always a daddy’s girl and turned to my dad for everything. He had all the answers to my problems. He was literally the best dad in the world!

I was due to go back to work yesterday (following being signed off from work for a month by my GP) I made it into work but come lunch time I had to leave. The last time I was at work was when I got the call to say he had gone. It was all to much. All my colleagues were apologising and sending their condolences to me. I just couldn’t focus on my work and I had no idea what I was doing. My boss had told me just to get on with it as I’ll be better off at work than at home. But i just felt as though i needed to be at home.

The past few days I’ve felt different. I feel as though my dad’s passing is finally sinking in and I have no idea what to do with myself. I don’t know how to process these feelings.

I struggle to let my emotions out and open up to people. I only really think over things and cry when I’m alone. This is partly because no one understands. My friends still have their parents and I don’t know many other people that have had to go through loosing a parent so young.

I feel as though I’m pressured to get back to work as most people around me are telling me this would be the best thing to do?

My heart is breaking and I just feel so helpless.


Hi Bubble im very sorry for your loss .The best thing to do it was makes you get through the day that bit easier .We all go through are nightmare in different ways yours is unique to you .But pardon the next phrase stuff what people think do what is fright by you .Keep coming back here this special club never shuts .It takes as long as it takes to get to wherever ,The phrase how long is a piece of string applies here .All the best Colin (im 58 my darling wife passed 04032016 on her 41 st birthday )

hiy bubble i would never think of going on anything like this ta talk but reading your story is like i wrote it about my self i am sorry for your loss but like you i lost my dad this was September but nothing sank in until December my dad did like this times of year but like you his birthday was in December i hear things like was i expecting it he did well then like you again i couldn’t face anything and got signed of but again like you have people saying oh come on pull yourself toghether i have never felt the emotions that i do its like iam a differant person no one gets how you are feeling but being on hear its like i fill i can talk and pepole get it as i cant be alone i fill for you but like colin says do wat you fill dont be presured by others iam still srtugling but being alone dosnt help