Loosing my Dad

I lost my Dad on 25th July 2023. I’m finding it so hard to cope.


Please keep coming on here - there are so any of us in the same boat. We can’t believe it is real and we are struggling to cope with this horrible new reality. You’ll find that you can talk on here any time. You are not alone, we all understand xx


Thank you so much


I’m so sorry. You’re in the very, very early stages and it’s horrific, I know. Unless we have tragedies in our lives, this is the worst thing we ever go through. I’m eight months in and that raw, searing pan does fade, but the sadness doesn’t, at least it hasn’t for me. You just very slowly learn to live with this hard new reality. Life keeps moving you forward even if you don’t really want it to, but it moves you into different stages of grief. We’ll never be “over it” or “back to normal” but we’ll survive it and be happy again, in a different & less “complete” way, because our dads gave us this life to live and our happiness was so important to them. Sorry I can’t be more help, but keep checking in on this site and you’ll find lots of people talking about their experiences, and that can be comforting. x


Thank you so much for those amazing, kind words. I’m so sorry for your loss too. My emotions are all over the place, I can be laughing 1 minute then in complete meltdown the next. I have never had a pain in my life like the 1 I have in my heart right now.


Sorry you going through this too. Its nearly a week on for me since my dad passed from lung cancer…last week was horrific. We have all just tried to remember the happy memories but images of his last days still appear in my head. I dont get much bereavement leave so back to work next week but they will let me work from my mums as she needs me to be here and i need to be here…its all day by day, hour by hour.


My husband died too on July 25th. My daughters and I are feeling just the same. One minute laughing the next uncontrollable crying and everything in between.
I have talked to them about how I felt when my dad died.
He died 10 years ago so I can say that I have had a long time to come to terms with it. At the beginning it was overwhelming sadness, envious of everyone just getting on with their lives. Constantly going over and over what happened and hoping I could rewrite the ending. Wondering how the future would be without him by my side.
I can honestly say for me , that time was a great healer,After the first year I started to get some sort of inner strength and the love we had for each other seemed to somehow give me the strength and determination not to let his death define him.
We have hd many special occasions and times that we would have loved him to be there. Whenever they have occurred I have felt extra happiness and pride that he was such an inspiration and helped shape our family as it is today.
I found it hard to believe that I would eventually be able to talk freely look at photos etc etc and be ok
Im now trying to take my own advice , live for the now and take each hour at a time. Its so hard but I’m hoping that we will get through this together

@Gailb Sorry about your Dad, it really is an indescribable pain. It’s 24 weeks today since my Dad died & I can’t work out whether it’s getting better or worse. Keep coming on here. You’re amongst ppl who know something of what you’re going through. Take each day as it comes & don’t look too far ahead. X

Thank you so much and I’m so sorry for your loss too. We are only have a very small family so its been so hard to come to terms with it

My Dad 22nd July . It’s so painful .

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It is so difficult. I lost my dad in March but could be last week. Miss him sooooo much. Every single day. My thoughts are with you but unable yet to give advice as I am grieving terribly too. We will get there like they would want us to

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