Loosing my mom

I have lost my mom in June she was 79
It was very sudden and I’m struggling coming to terms with it all


I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I lost mine in March, she was 78, fit, active & a very young 78. I heard her fall, I tried to save her & I couldn’t. I miss her every single day, she was my world.
I think if I can shower, eat, drink & basically function I am doing ok but it is so hard.
Sending you love x

Thank you for your reply my mom too was for still working would you believe
I’m back at work each day is so different emotionally some days it’s like my eyes have hoses attached to them and the tears fall with no warning
Other days I feel empty
My mom was my strength she always knew what to say I’m finding not having her support so shattering
I hope you are feeling a little better
A day at a time they say