Loosing my mum and now having to move from family home!!


It is great to have somewhere to share our experiences of loss and I appreciate the support from this community.

Sadly I lost my mum in February, she had been admitted with pneumonia. Mum was in hospital for a month before she passed. Whilst in hospital, she got salmonella, and had got over the pneumonia she went in with. Devastatingly she contracted hospital acquired pneumonia and died on the 13 February 23.

I have gone through all the emotions and stages of grief and for a while i was in disbelief and shock. After my birthday in June it felt more real that mum has passed and I have struggled ever since. With the thought I will never see my mum again.

My husband and I lived with mum in her council property. I wrote to the council after mum passed and initially i received a call and an email from a supportive housing tenancy officer. In the letter I sent to the council I advised that we had 10 passing’s in our family, including my mum. I also advised that I suffered from anxiety and depression, my husband was in remission from cancer, had ulcerative colitis and has a problem with his ears and was waiting on another operation. On the Thursday of the week my mum passed, I had to call an ambulance as he was in a lot of pain in his remaining kidney. He had to be operated on later that day as he had kidney stones.

We have been lucky so far in that we have been able to stay in my mum’s council property. Then today we had a letter delivered by hand that has given us notice to quit and the council want us out by the 21 August. I had received an email from the lady I had contact with in the week advising that the tenancy was succeeded by my mum once my dad passed, but there was no mention of their being a notice to quit!

I just wonder if anyone has any advice about what we can do? This has come as a big shock as we had not been pre warned this might happen and I am struggling to cope.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, how stressful on top of your grief. Are you able to make an appeal? I don’t know how the rules operate as I assume your Mum was the named tenant. I guess the tenancy transfers to a surviving partner but I’m not certain beyond that… Best to seek help from Citizens Advice perhaps? Xx