Loosing my mum

I lost my mum suddenly on the 3rd of July I say suddenly she was poorly she’d had breast cancer mets in her liver but that had stayed the same but general health was declining I could she her slowly withering in a chair no one would listen to me no one would help my dad and my sister were oblivious my poor mum I did everything I could for her anyway her leg swelled suddenly and went purple took two calls and 12 odd hours to get a ambulance when it came we hit base at local hospital to be blue lighted to a specialist hospital I was there on my own for a long part of this with doctors coming at me even though I’m 45 I needed a adult my mums brother came and we ended up with her until her passing the docs left her in pain for hours and hours with her crying out for her mum who died in 2015 the end was peaceful but she shouldn’t of suffered complaint have gone in I’m traumatised I’m angry I’m sad I’m lonely my sister is disabled and doesn’t process things as other and quite frankly can be a cow my dad is the most unfeeling selfish sod I’m angry at them for not helping her when I wasn’t there I know I’m waffling and I do apologise I just need my mum I miss her so much

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There’s so much more it was her funeral Wednesday and it’s hit me like a ton of bricks

@Just_me1 I really feel for you. Losing people.we adore is the upmost pain we can ever feel. I lost my Mam, my best friend 6 weeks ago I still carnt believe she’s gone my heart feels like it will never ever mend. Just try like me take one day at a time my lovely.


Im sorry for your loss and the emotions you are understandably feeling. I lost my mother in November.

Kieran x