Loosing someone Due to COVID 19

Loosing someone because of Covid 19… well I have no words, I lost my father 3 months ago because of this virus, it was so quick so … so sad, I don’t even want to continue talking about the topic with my “friends” because since they haven’t experienced this they make comments like “si fuera mi papa me muero” and so on… I just stopped talking to everyone,so I would like to talk about it with people who have really experienced it…

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Hello sorry for your loss i all so lost my wife on the first of January to COVID and she was only 46 With no health conditions and healthy . Sorry to ask how is your mum coping x

Hello, I’m sorry for your loss, my mom and dad were not together but my aunt was the closest person to him reacted even worse than my brother and I, She doesn’t even wants to cook because everything reminds her of him,(while my brother an I enjoy watching our father’s happy moments to forget the hell it was watching him on the hospital and how he cried beggin God to give him another opportunity) She avoids watching pictures, she blames herself for doing nothing, but unfortunately nothing could be done, when he was diagnosed he already had a lot of damage and there was no turning back :frowning: he had symptons until day 15, diagnosted on day 16 and died on day 27

Hello Karla is your auntie getting any cancelling does your auntie look after you and your brother. I also have a son of 17 at the time of his mums. Passing he was 16 my son didn’t see his mum for a week an to she past

he’s going through the same as you but he is 9 months in I’m here if you need to speak x