Lord Hall

I lost my dad after a long battle of prostate cancer over Christmas break, I just feel like now it’s been a few months everyone is just getting on with their lives and doesn’t understand how much it still hurts. I’m 38 and have a family of my own but losing my dad has made me feel like a child again. I’m really not being a mother at all, if anything my girls are looking after me, which I absolutely hate. Everyone says time is a healer but to me it is only making it worse. I just miss him so much now x

Hello @beckyod2011 I’m so sorry you lost your dad - that must have been so hard. I completely understand what you mean when you say losing him has made you feel like a child again. I am 57 years old and lost my mum last month suddenly, and I’m really struggling with not having parents anymore. It is a really strange sense of loss. And I find that missing her doesn’t move in a straight line from feeling bad to feeling better, I find I can feel just about okay sometimes and then for no reason just hit the floor again with the grief and cry for days. I’m not sure there is a pattern to it and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

I have found that reading posts on this site can be helpful because there are so many people who are struggling with these painful losses. I hope that you will find support and some comfort here.

Take care and sending hugs xx