Losing a brother

Evening or should I say morning. I haven’t been on for a while I thought I was doing okay. Bam no not going well. I lost my Dad in July 2022, my sister in September 2022 and lost my brother yesterday. He was found passed away in a car that had been on fire. We are not sure yet if it was accidental or deliberate waiting for police and coroner to investigate. My heart is found through my chest wall. I can’t close my eyes for fear of seeing a car on fire with him in it. Was he in pain, did he suffer. We will ever know. Sorry for blurting it all out trying to make my mind understand what’s happened.
He was 64 had an abdominal AA AND COPD but I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to end it all. I pray he didn’t. How do you come to terms with something like this


Hello KR310793

I’m so sorry to hear about your brother, that sounds incredibly distressing, and it’s understandable that you would feel as you do. I’m sure someone will be along soon to offer support, but I wanted to let you know you have been heard.

Thank you for reaching out to the community; we are here for you.

Take care, Rhi (Online Community Team)

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Thank you so much

I am so sorry. you have been through a lot.

I would see a grief counselor if I were you.
this is very hard on you. :purple_heart:

Thank you. I had some counselling after my sisters passing but will certainly think about more